• 85% of graduates felt the programme made a positive difference in their lives
  • 98.4% of graduates under the age of 18 did not report a pregnancy incident
  • 95% of young people aged 16-18 were in Education
  • Employment or Training (EET) after doing the programme
  • 60.5% obtained at least a C grade in Maths
  • On average
  • participants received 6.5 GCSEs
  • 70% received at least a C grade in English

We were founded in 2001 to address the social exclusion of young people. We now run a range of programmes focused on inspiring young people to achieve the skills, qualifications and self-belief they need to succeed in school, work and life.

Our Flagship Teens and Toddlers Programme

  • An innovative 18-week toddler mentoring programme that gives young people vital interpersonal skills to address underlying issues that can lead to becoming disengaged – such as low self-esteem, low educational attainment and lack of positive role models (critical to prevent young people from becoming NEET - Not in Education, Employment or Training - and having children at an early age)
  • Targets two sets of vulnerable children simultaneously, raising the aspirations of young people (age 13-17) by pairing them as a mentor and role model to a child in a nursery (age 2-5) who is in need of extra support
  • Teaches young people interpersonal skills and builds their sense of responsibility so they make positive decisions about their education, their health and their future
  • The mentoring provided by the teens also helps the toddlers to improve their personal, social and communication skills
  • Participants can earn an accredited NCFE (QCF) Level 1 qualification in Interpersonal Skills, which helps them to re-engage with school and go on to further education.


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