Clare lived with her grandmother, who was her main carer, and had been for the last 5 years .Clare and her grandmother had a good relationship. Clare and mums relationship broke down early in her childhood, as Clare's mum had a drug problem, so Clare went to live with her grandmother. Mum has been clean for a number of years now

Living separately from the family helped them improve their relationship and they all got on better. Clare visited her mum and siblings (1older & 2 younger) once every week/2 weeks.


Clare was nominated by her teacher to come on the Teens and Toddlers programme. It was the first time a programme had been delivered at Clare's school so she was naturally curious to get to know what the project was all about. Clare settled well into the group and achieved a 100% attendance.

Over the course Clare grew in confidence and developed her interpersonal skills with the toddler's s and the group.


Clare attended the celebration evening with her mum and family. During the celebration mum commented that Clare had returned home to live with her and her siblings and attributes this to what Clare had learnt on the Teens and Toddlers course. Mum said that Clare had grown up a lot while attending the course and had much more patience with her younger siblings and had also noticed a friendlier attitude in general to all the family. Mum is delighted with the way things have turned around.

School were also very pleased about Claire's progress. She has become a valued member of the school community and has shown a more positive attitude to education and learning.

Group-shot_200wTiana participated in Teens and Toddlers aged 14 and is now aged 20. Tiana was identified by her school as being at risk of permanent exclusion: she had poor overall attendance, and had been temporarily excluded on a number of occasions. At home in Peckham, Tiana had a lot of responsibility – she was the second eldest child of a single mother and cared for her siblings after school and in the evenings whilst her mother worked. In order to attend the Teens and Toddlers programme, Tiana had to organise childcare for her siblings after school. Tiana says "I know my mother loves me, but she was so busy and working so hard she did not have time to teach me about life."

Yemi participated in Teens & Toddlers aged 14. Yemi was identified by her school as being lonely and isolated from others, and they felt she would benefit from the programme. Yemi was brought in to the country by her mother at the age of 9 and abandoned here with mum's friend. Her mother's friend got in touch with her grandmother and gave her and her brother to their grandmother to look after, because she was unable to do so. Ever since then Yemi has had no contact with her parents and does not know where they are. Yemi found her relationship with her grandmother difficult and she was made responsible for the household duties and physical care of her grandmother.

Facilitator Report

"Rebecca arrived at the first session looking frightful. Her clothing was messy and she was full of anxiety. This young person had a lot of difficulties. She was diagnosed with ADHD and anorexia. She had been taken away from her mother, who was an alcoholic and drug addict, and was being raised by her grandmother. She really wanted to be the centre of attention at all times and part of her struggle was to learn to listen to others. Her attendance on the project was 100%, as the only session she missed was due to a prior engagement with a health professional.