C4EO described Teens and Toddlers as a "best of practice, evidence-based programme" and featured our Sustainability Programme in Tameside, Manchester, as a best practice case-study.

Best Practice Borough

Tameside MBC has one of the highest rates of teenage conceptions in the North West, so recognised a need to invest in early intervention to reduce teenage pregnancy rates, as well as raise the esteem and aspirations of participants for positive long-term outcomes in education and employment engagement. Since 2007, over 100 young people from four high schools, have participated in the programme and to date none of those young people have caused a pregnancy or fallen pregnant. The Teens and Toddlers Sustainability Programme is an accredited Youth Work Level 3 Diploma, training local authority workers to deliver Teens and Toddlers.

Teens and Toddlers is a targeted youth support programme designed to reduce teenage pregnancy and increase aspiration and educational engagement in at risk young people. It combines hands on experience in a nursery with one-to-one counselling and classroom sessions. It is the only youth development and teenage pregnancy prevention intervention that provides a gateway to employment and qualifications through its accreditation scheme and the opportunity to gain a Level 1 NCFE Award in Interpersonal Skills.

The young people are each teamed with a vulnerable small child, who they mentor and develop a relationship with as a role model. The small child benefits from additional attention and for the teenager it brings into sharp relief the hard work, responsibility and great privilege of becoming a parent. The focus is on realising potential, making positive choices and postponing parenthood until they are more mature and appreciate the importance of emotional and financial stability when raising a child.

Diana Whitmore, Chief Executive of Teens and Toddlers, said: "We know that investment in early intervention transforms lives. By taking part vulnerable young people can learn valuable life skills, gain work experience and confidence and reengage with education and their community. In partnership with Tameside we are delighted with the recognition we have received from C4EO and are absolutely committed to delivering it in as many Local Authorities as possible."

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