To the Dungeons!

Last week Merlin Entertainments helped us to thank some of our Youth-Led Consultancy Board members (graduates of the Teens and Toddlers programme who have kept in contact since finishing) for their hard work by giving them tickets to the London Dungeon - looks like they had a good time!


Teens and Toddlers Ahead of the Game!

Our latest data* shows we're outperforming Government figures on education, employment and training (EET), GCSE attainment AND teenage pregnancy rates! Take a look at our infographic to find out more (click here for a larger version).


*All figures taken from ‘Annual Retrospective Analysis Exploring the Efficacy of the Teens and Toddlers Programme’, 2013, Kirsty Humphrey (Research Health Psychologist). This survey measures educational attainment, Employment, Education or Training (EET) and pregnancy status, plus attitudes to education, conception, and sexual health. 1,013 young people (60%) responded to the questionnaire.

ASCL 2014 Conference

The Teens and Toddlers team recently exhibited at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) conference in Birmingham for the first time. A lot of planning went into preparing all our materials for the stand; boxes were packed, sweets brought and an iPad mini was carefully wrapped and all transported to the venue.

As we travelled on Thursday afternoon to set up the exhibition stand we weren’t really sure what to expect, but upon arrival we were very impressed. The ASCL staff were really helpful and all our boxes were waiting for us at the stand so we could set up. On Friday morning we arrived nice and early to be greeted by a huge crowd of school leaders milling around the exhibition hall, we were kept busy until after lunch talking to people and telling them about our great programme. Everyone seemed really impressed with how well we evidence the success of our programme particularly our impact on improving school attainment, attendance, self-esteem and confidence.

We enjoyed the opportunity to hear from the education secretary Michael Gove, and Sir Michael Wilshaw from Ofsted talk about the overhaul to school inspection regimes. The details of the new regime were outlined by Wilshaw; which included Ofsted making greater use of data to track performance, rather than schools enduring full inspections every three to five years. We were also really encouraged by ASCL president Ian Bauckham’s speech urging teachers to guard against making assumptions about pupils’ potential “The most successful systems are those which expect the same from all children, regardless of background; which are underpinned by a belief that everyone can succeed, despite apparent obstacles”. The Teens and Toddlers programme does just that by building a student’s sense of responsibility so they make positive decisions about their education and future.

It was great to meet so many inspirational schools leaders and have the opportunity to share our programme with them and have such overwhelmingly positive feedback about what we do. Thank you to everyone who signed up for more information. 

Congratulations to the winner of our iPad mini!! Holsworthy Community College in Devon. It’s on its way in the post to you.

All in all we had a fantastic time, met some really great people and are looking forward to attending next year.

To find out more please visit: or follow us on Twitter @teensandtodds



US Congress Delegation Visit Projects in Oldham

Last Tuesday, we were privileged to have a delegation from the US Congress visit two of our projects running in Oldham. The Congressmen want to learn more about social impact initiatives in the UK, with a view to implementing similar initiatives in the US. This is a true testament of how well our projects funded by social impact bonds are going, and we are very proud to have been given the chance to show off our work!


The delegation spent time with the teens and observed them with the toddlers. They even got involved in some of the classroom exercises, and were pleasantly surprised by how the relationship between the teen and toddler works. When asked, the school and nursery staff sang the praises of the teens and the members of the delegation were really impressed. The Congressmen reported back that they “had a wonderful time!”

The group, which included Rep. Todd Young, Congressional staff and US Social Impact Bond Policy experts, visited St. Hilda’s Primary School, which is supporting students from Royton and Crompton High School, and Oasis Limeside Primary School, which is supporting students from Failsworth High School. Both schools have been working in partnership with Teens and Toddlers since October 2012, and have been hosting Teens and Toddlers programmes that were made possible by the Department for Work and Pension’s Innovation Fund, a new type of social impact bond. 


CAYT assesses Teens and Toddlers for impact and we scored the maximum points!

The DfE recommended that we submit our impact report to be assessed by CAYT for impact. CAYT is a DfE sponsored research centre that brings together leading educationalists and social scientists from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Institute of Education, and the National Centre for Social Research. CAYT was set up to provide robust evidence on the transitions made by young people, and to help inform key government policies in education and training. CAYT seeks to improve our understanding of the bridging period between childhood and adulthood and how it is changing over time, with a particular focus on what this can tell us about the likely effectiveness of a range of policy interventions.

After peer reviewers assessed the report, we scored the maximum points for impact and the report is featured on the DfE website (see link below). We will continue to submit more research and really showcase ourselves as a well evidenced charity that really makes a huge difference to young people’s lives.