Our Impact: Changing Young People’s Lives

Introduction from Teens and Toddlers CEO, Diana Whitmore

Our latest annual retrospective survey, which was sent out recently to 709 young people who participated in our Teens and Toddlers youth programme. The results show that we are accomplishing our overall aim to inspire disadvantaged young people to succeed at school, in work and in the community. We do this by giving them the life skills and self-belief they need to understand who they are, who they can become and what they can achieve.


We work with highly “at-risk” young people, targeting the underlying barriers to success, such as low self-esteem, negative behaviour (e.g truanting) and poor educational attainment: Teachers tell us pre-programme that they expect 45% to fall out of education, employment and training (NEET) and 45% to become teen parents. Our results after Teens and Toddlers tell a different story: only 3% become NEET, they achieve, on average, 6.5 GCSEs, and only 1.6% report a pregnancy.


We are proud of this success because, in a world of youth unemployment and disaffection, we feel passionate about helping young people to believe in their potential. We want young people to contribute to society and we want society to believe in them.


Main Research Findings


Impact at school

  • On average, participants received 6.5 GCSE’s
  • 60.5% of these obtained at least a C grade in Maths and 70% at least a C grade in English


“Teens and Toddlers helped me realise that an education is very significant to how your future will turn out and working hard in a school environment is important”


Future impact

  • Overall, 97% of respondents were in Education, Employment or Training
    (aged 13-20)
  • 95% of respondents, aged 16-18, were in Education, Employment or Training
  • Of the 16-18 year olds, a notable 67% went on to college


Impact on Health

  • 98.4% of graduates under the age of 18 did not report a pregnancy incident
  • 87% reported that the programme had a positive effect in influencing them to increase the age at which they would like to have children
  • 90% felt the programme influenced young people not to participate in risky activities such as having unprotected sex


“The valuable thing I learned was that there is plenty of time for me to have children when I'm older, but for now I want to finish school and hopefully become a police woman.”


Raising Aspiration and Self-Belief

  • 94% of participants felt the programme influenced them to make better decisions
  • 90% agreed that the programme motivated them to expect more from themselves and want more from their life.


“It has influenced the decisions I make in a positive way.”


Impact in the Community

  • 73% claim Teens and Toddlers helped improve the relationships they have with their families
  • 83% have a better relationship with peers


Teens and Toddlers is the only youth development programme to raise the aspirations of young people by pairing them as a mentor and role model to a child in a nursery who is in need of extra support. This transformative work experience, combined with classroom training, teaches young people interpersonal skills and builds their sense of responsibility so they make positive decisions about their education, their health and their future. 







The annual retrospective survey measures educational attainment, Employment Education or Training (EET) and pregnancy status, plus attitudes to education, conception, and sexual health. 64.9% responded to the questionnaire.

2012 Annual Retrospective Study