£25 - Would provide learning materials to help one young person achieve a National Award in Interpersonal Skills, often their first qualification.

£50 – Would buy breakfast for twenty young people on a weekend work-skills training session, ensuring that they are ready to focus and learn.

£75 – Could pay for travel for a group of disadvantaged young people to visit a fun attraction for the day, perhaps the only time they get to do this.

£100 - Would cover the cost of registration, portfolio marking and certification for one young person to achieve a National Award in Interpersonal Skills, encouraging them to fulfil their potential and go on to further education.

£250 - Could fund one Teens and Toddlers’ Certificate Ceremony. This celebration with family and friends recognises the teenagers remarkable journey of achievement.

£500 - Could cover the cost of supporting one young person between the end of their Teens and Toddlers programme and starting their GCSE exams.

£1,200 - Could pay for a teenager to complete a Teens and Toddlers’ programme, to inspire their hope for the future and transform their life.