Future Projects

The YLCB is still young, but has great aspirations for the future. The kinds of projects the members would like to be involved in include:

 1. To support young boys and young men who have no positive father figure in their lives. 

2. To continue the work with teenage pregnancy. 

3. Crime and Violence: To show young people there is another life beyond gangs.

4. To introduce Teens and Toddlers in Hackney. 

5. To bring different cultures together within our local communities: 

6. Bring different cultures together. 

7. Bring old and young people together.

8. Support young children, teens and families whose parents are caught in a world of drugs and alcohol addiction.

9. Promote Teens and Toddlers through workshops in schools and in the communities. 

10. Run workshops for young children and teenagers to educate them about higher education. Taking them on trips to colleges and universities.

11. To run workshops for Teens and Toddlers graduates teaching them about positive psychology. We would like to support young people’s emotional and psychological development.





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Testimonials from YLCB Events and Opportunities

Quotes from LEYF Apprentices in response to ‘What does being a LEYF apprentice mean to you?’

“It has made me so happy to have found something that I feel I will have a future career in.”  Catherine

“It has taught me how to care for children in the right ways, being more active, learning something new every day” Shabaana

“It made me rethink about what I want to do in the future as well as achieving my level 3 qualification and gain experience whilst getting paid at the same time.” Aimee

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