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I am a Programme Lead at Teens and Toddlers delivering sessions in schools to empower young people to make informed choices around their future.

Carah started training with Teens and Toddlers back in 2010 on a voluntary basis. She became a Programme Lead and delivered two sessions a week through her apprenticeship with the Youth and Family Team at Tameside MBC. In 2013 she began to work for the Charity itself and has been a part of the team delivering the Innovation Fund and now the Youth Engagement Fund to schools across Greater Manchester.

I work at Teens and Toddlers to see the positive transformation a project has on a young person and the impact it has on their outlook on life. Working here allows me to mentor young people and help them realise that they can achieve their dreams if they put their mind to it. Having delivered the course for a number of years and seeing, first-hand the effect that it has on the futures of the young people we work with is inspiring.