A programme supporting young people to succeed

Teens and Toddlers programmes are targeted to reach young people at a crucial stage of their lives. We intervene early to help those who have often abandoned hope of achieving in school. Through our flagship programme that offers work experience, a national qualification and the opportunity to mentor children in nurseries, we help young people build the self-belief and vital skills they need to succeed.

Each 18-week Teens and Toddlers programme is run in partnership with the local authority, the school, and a nursery one afternoon a week and combines:

  • An accredited National NCFE Level 1 Award in Interpersonal Skills. This qualification is achieved by 92% of graduates and inspires them to progress to further education.
  • An innovative work experience scheme where teens mentor a young child who needs extra help, in a nursery. This builds a sense of responsibility, highlights employment possibilities and teaches about parenthood.
  • Classroom sessions in emotional intelligence, risky behaviour and relationships.
  • Mentoring and one-on-one coaching to support personal development.

Our outcomes speak for themselves:

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A day on the programme...

Work experience in the nursery is combined with one-on-one coaching and classroom sessions. After 1.5 hours in the nursery, the young people spend an hour in the classroom where, with two trained facilitators, they explore what they have learnt in the nursery and in their lives to build interpersonal skills and emotional literacy (e.g confidence, self esteem, self management and social skills). The young people are encouraged to communicate effectively, make positive choices (e.g around positive futures), examine risky behaviour and understand the importance of career/educational attainment. They gain key skills to find a job, such as building rapport/achieving goals. In total, the young people receive 54 hours of support.

Why Teens and Toddlers works...

Teens and Toddlers works because we provide a positive experience so teenagers can explore the issues that affect them and learn that they have choices. During classroom time, the young people develop a portfolio to help them achieve the Entry Level 3 National Award in Personal and Social Development (NCFE). At the end of the programme, the young people are presented with their Award at a VIP Ceremony. This public endorsement helps build confidence and encourages progress to further education. 92% of young people participating achieve the National Award, often their first qualification, which inspires them to progress to further education.

The charity works with local authorities/schools in disadvantaged areas to identify those most at risk of opting out of education or disengaging with their school work, using an assessment tool. We identify "disadvantage" through poverty (free school meals), disengagement/exclusion from education, and likelihood of risky behaviour.