All Teens and Toddlers programmes have been designed with teachers in mind. Not only do we ensure that we do not add to teachers' workloads by providing a highly structured programme where we look after all the admin, but we also offer a range of opportunities for teachers:

  • Supporting the school's curriculum - Whilst Teens and Toddlers programmes have their own curriculum for young people to work through to earn their accredited national qualifications in Personal and Social Care, we work to mould our sessions to fit with the school's curriculum. Furthermore, we welcome teachers' suggestions of topic areas that could do with recap effort.
  • Re-engaging young people with school - one of the core components of our programmes, we have a strong track record of improving academic outcomes for the young people we work with. Although we work with young people who are struggling with attendance, attainment and behaviour, 88% of our young beneficiaries achieve 5 A-C Grade GCSEs (more on our results with young people here).
  • Facilitator Training - we offer schools the opportunity to put forward their own staff to train as Programme Leads, so schools can then deliver Teens and Toddlers Programmes in house. This offers a CPD opportunity for teachers as well as an opportunity to learn more about supporting young people to attain a positive and sustained destination through: group facilitation, coaching skills, listening skills, presentation skills and a ‘potential orientated’ way of working with challenging young people while dealing with ‘in the moment’ behaviours.
  • Pastoral care - for pupils who are perhaps facing more challenges than their peers, Teens and Toddlers offers an opportunity to add an additional layer of pastoral care. Teens and Toddlers are committed to safeguarding children and young people and all staff have had appropriate training. We will ensure we are working within the schools Safeguarding Policy. Our Programme Leads are all experienced youth services professional comfortable with working with pupils to overcome challenges, be they of an academic, vocational, social, emotional or behavioural nature.

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