Supporting the development of both the young person and the mentor

This transformative mentoring programme builds on the skills that that young people have learnt and practiced during our Flagship Teens and Toddlers Programme, where young people are paired as a mentor and role model to a child in a nursery who is in need of extra support.

You will:

  • Receive world class training developing new skills in positive psychology – a transformative way of relating to others that elicits their potential, evokes the best from them and raises performance – transferable skills that can be applied to both their personal (with family and friends) and professional lives
  • Learn new skills of conflict resolution, negotiation and decision making
  • Develop the emotional intelligence of how to understand and work with difficult people in difficult circumstances through understanding and reflecting on your impact on others in interpersonal relationships – highly desirable and motivational assets for leadership
  • Have the opportunity to come into in depth contact young people and have a whole new world opened up for you – leading to a game changing understanding of the world we live in
  • Be engaged with transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people and help them to actualize their potential and self- belief
  • Experience the fulfilment and meaning of making a difference to the life of a young person.

The Trainer

Kim Shiller

As well as serving as Teens and Toddlers Director of Training and Quality Assurance, Kim (PG Dip. and bespoke) works at the Psychosynthesis Trust, as a private practice therapist and psychological coach as as a trainer at WYSE (World Youth Service Enterprise), an international leadership training programme.

The mentor training was decidedly ‘training with a difference.’ As an experienced coach and mentor, it was an eye opening experience learning how to not only meet people where they are but to support the fulfilment of their greatness.

Jacqueline Abbott Dean, Director, Tactix Consulting

If you're interested in taking part in our next round of mentoring, please contact Kim Shiller via [email protected] or 0207 089 6180.