Our strategy is anchored by four strategic objectives:

  1. To become a leading force in the youth development field by helping more disadvantaged young people to develop the life skills and self-belief they need to succeed at school, in work and in the community. We will achieve this by exponentially increasing the number of young people we work with and by further expanding the national spread of our flagship Teens and Toddlers Programme.
  2. To broaden our offering by providing support for graduates beyond the Teens and Toddlers programme to enable them to continue to make positive choices in their life. We will achieve this by developing opportunities and partnerships, and by training them in the potential-orientated approach of Teens and Toddlers. We will also work closely with our young people to ensure we remain a truly youth-led charity.
  3. To expand our direct service delivery through increased Oublic Relations activity to raise awareness of the Teens and toddler4s breand as the recognised UK expert in early intervention for NEET and teenage pregnancy prevention amongst commissioners of youth services and potential funders.
  4. To raise our profile and double our impact by expanding and developing our work with vulnerable small children (3-6 years); strengthening our early intervention offering to them throguh the delivery of Teens and Toddlers in nursery and reception classes. This will both target School Readiness and enhance the outcomes for the children who are mentored.