Business Case

The primary goal for Teens and Toddlers programmes is to work in partnership with schools to improve outcomes for their young people. Schools choose to partner with Teens and Toddlers because we get excellent results with our young people, year after year. It's this type of performance that saw us become the first charity to meet the outcome target of a social impact bond.

In addition we bring benefits to schools and nurseries at an organisational level and to teachers.

Pupil Premium

Schools have used Teens and Toddlers programmes to evidence requirements for their Pupil Premium Fund Statements.

Below is an example of details schools have provided as evidence.

  • Teens and Toddlers helps young people who struggle at school to build the skills they need to succeed.
  • For a recent cohort of 1300 participants in the North-West of England, where we tracked attendance attitude and behaviour, our outcomes were:
    • Improved attitude to school: 59%
    • Improved attendance: 34%
    • Improved behaviour: 58%
  • Working in small groups and one-to-one sessions to support wellbeing