Since 2001 we've delivered our programmes within all types of nurseries and schools in over 36 local authorities across England.

Every year we help more than a thousand secondary pupils (aged 13-17) and a thousand young children to build the skills they need to succeed with their education and beyond. All of our programmes have been designed with our partner schools in mind and we ensure that every programme we deliver is structured, compliments the school's curriculum, and that we handle all administration.

Whilst our priority is the excellent results we get with pupils, we also provide a range of benefits for nurseries and schools at an organisational level. These benefits include:

Both Secondary Schools and Nurseries

  • Building partnerships - We establish partnerships with secondary schools and primary schools/nurseries.
  • Help with Ofsted, Pupil Premium and School Reports - As part of our offer to schools we provide feedback on the progress students make for use in school reports, Pupil Premium statements and Ofsted reports.

Secondary Schools

  • Pastoral care - Teens and Toddlers are committed to safeguarding children and young people and all staff have had appropriate training. We will ensure we are working within the schools Safeguarding Policy. Our Programme Leads are all experienced youth services professional comfortable with working with pupils to overcome challenges, be they of an academic, vocational, social, emotional or behavioural nature. Teens and Toddlers will seek Parental Consent for all students participating on the programme.
  • Qualification - Through our programmes, secondary school pupils can earn accredited national qualifications in Personal and Social Care.
  • Work experience - A core component of our programmes where teens gain work experience by mentoring a young child in a nursery. This builds a sense of responsibility, highlights employment possibilities and teaches about parenthood.
  • Post-programme support - The Young Leaders Group is a peer-to-peer support network of Teens and Toddlers graduates. This group enables positive change for our graduates by accessing work experience and corporate mentorship opportunities, whilst helping other young people develop skills, and achieve their potential through mentoring and community projects. All Teens and Toddlers graduates are encouraged to join the YLG and all members have access to support for as long as they require it.


  • One-to-one supervision of young children in need of extra support - young children really benefit from the extra one-to-one support they recieve from teens; toddlers participating on a Teens and Toddlers programme demonstrated almost 4 times the level of improvement in their communication and language skills compared to those who did not participate.
  • Extra supervision without responsibilty for that member of staff - responsibility for the teen mentoring a young child rests with a Teens and Toddlers Programme Lead and not nursery staff.

Why are charities like Teens and Toddlers important for young people?