Following consultation with young people that had completed the Teens and Toddlers Programme, The Young Leaders Group (YLG) was established, a peer-to-peer support network of Teens and Toddlers graduates. This group enables positive change for our graduates by accessing work experience and corporate mentorship opportunities, whilst helping other young people develop skills, and achieve their potential through mentoring and community projects. All Teens and Toddlers graduates are encouraged to join the YLG and all members have access to support for as long as they require it.

The YLG regularly complete a number of activities focused on building their skills, benefitting other young people and benefitting the community as a whole. The YLG are currently working on their Healthy Relationships Project, a series of short films written, planned and made by the YLG to show to schools and facilitate discussions around.

Members of the YLG benefit in three ways:

1. Improved interpersonal skills

The YLG told us they struggle to maintain the personal development they achieved on our programmes and to make an easy transition to further education/work. We offer ‘Essentials Life Skills training’ after requests to continue training in our positive psychological approaches. As a part of this they learn to understand their strengths and weaknesses and gain the practical and personal skills they need to set and achieve their educational/work/life goals. The YLG also work together to create and deliver community projects. One example of a project is the “Healthy Relationships Project” where the YLG planned and made a film to show to schools and facilitate discussions around.

2. Improved self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience

The YLG meet regularly and we pay travel expenses to encourage attendance and make it possible for all. These meetings include peer sessions/group work/projects. Taking part in this range of activities empowers young people to accept challenge and work around it creatively. The YLG continue to increase their self-esteem, confidence and build trust and resilience.

3. Improved professional/work-skills

Typically, Teens and Toddlers graduates do not have access to many educational and vocational opportunities. 74% of graduates wanted training/work placements to help them get the job they want, and 57% requested “skills to understand work opportunities/how to succeed”. We have responded by focusing on establishing and developing partnerships to support pathways into work. HRH the Duke of York, our Royal Patron, has offered a partnership which includes careers workshops for the YLG and work placements at Buckingham Palace. We have a corporate mentoring programme, with appropriate checks in place. We signpost to other programmes and services (e.g. Brook Clinic, Prince’s Trust), ensuring individuals with specific needs or interests are supported. Partners include:

The Youth-led Consultancy Board (YLCB)

The YLCB is a group of young people elected by the YLG to jointly oversee the activities of the YLG. Meet the YLCB here!